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Meet The Team

Tim Boyd


Tim Boyd's passion for electronics was ignited at 12 when he began working in his family's business. His early success in installing 500 TVs at the Hyatt Regency Dallas was a stepping stone to a career that now spans over 40 years, specializing in creating customized audiovisual and lighting experiences primarily for the hospitality sector.

As a sought-after expert in automation, Tim has been a game-changer in the industry, leaving an indelible impact. Whether it's LED Video Walls or complex AV distribution for large arenas, his knowledge is virtually unparalleled. Tim has designed automated systems for an impressive range of venues, both large and small, his expertise shining through especially when tackling complex issues and intricate designs.

Tim's ability to decipher and resolve complex challenges is unsurpassed in the AV and lighting control industry, making him a linchpin in our company's ongoing success.

Pat Clark

President of AV Division

Pat is the guiding force behind our Audio-Visual Division, bringing a relentless focus on innovation and excellence to the team. With a robust background that spans over 40 years in AV solutions, Pat sets the strategic direction for the division, infusing it with his unique blend of technical acumen and industry wisdom. When the team faces a challenge they can't surmount, Pat is the go-to expert, armed with a wealth of knowledge that has proven invaluable time and again. Under his stewardship, the AV Division has not only launched groundbreaking projects but also formed key partnerships, solidifying SAVE Electronics reputation as a leader in the industry.

Matthew Caro

President of Lighting Division

Matthew leverages 30 years of industry experience to drive innovation and excellence. A visionary leader, Matthew has successfully led national/global teams, revolutionized operational processes, and cultivated, and fortified strategic partnerships. With a keen focus on technology and lighting controls, he collaborated with SAVE Electronics in 2022 to help drive industry disruption while ensuring customer-centric solutions. Matthew’s unwavering commitment to healthy, sustainable growth and cutting-edge technology helps define his leadership, propelling SAVE to new heights.

Kristina Calixto

Director of Operations

With an unwavering commitment and seven years of dedicated service, Kristina Calixto has risen from a personal assistant role to become the accomplished Director of Operations. Her exceptional skills, combined with a drive for excellence, have propelled her ascent within the company. Kristina's strategic acumen and collaborative leadership have played a pivotal role in shaping the organization's success. Her journey is a testament to her remarkable growth and ability to thrive in evolving roles.

Mario Carreon

Technical Support Specialist

Mario Carreon is a dedicated professional with over 8 years of invaluable experience. His unwavering commitment, adaptability, and innovative mindset have driven positive changes within his organization. Mario's leadership, collaborative spirit, and continuous growth make him a respected and influential team member who continues to excel in his role.

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