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Film Alley Terrell, TX

Project Type

Audio, Video, Lighting, Automation System


Terrell, TX

Schulman’s Film Alley in Terrell, Texas. Schulman Theaters have a rich history dating back to 1910 when Abraham Schulman opened his first theater in Houston. Today, led by Morris and Jacob Schulman, the company continues to pioneer in the entertainment sector. SAVE Electronics Specializes in designing and implementing cutting-edge automated AV and lighting solutions. Film Alley has diverse entertainment zone’s. The facility includes bowling lanes, a bar and grill area, and private party rooms, each requiring specialized setups. Remote operability: The need for systems that could be managed and updated remotely. User-friendliness: Systems needed to be easy to operate for staff. Advanced capabilities for meeting content to be displayed across all five private party and meeting rooms. Music settings were engineered to envelop patrons across each area in the entertainment facility. Portrait and landscape TVs at the counters could be updated remotely for showtimes, events, and specials. The collaboration between SAVE Electronics and Schulman’s has set a new standard in entertainment facilities, marrying history and tradition with modern technology to offer a seamless and enriching experience for all patrons.

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