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California Pizza Kitchen Laguna Niguel, CA


Laguna Niguel, CA

Project type

Audio, Video & Automation System

California Pizza Kitchen Headquarters:
In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, efficient and effective communication is vital. The primary aim of this project was to streamline internal communication within California Pizza Kitchen Headquarters and create an immersive experience for guests and partners. SAVE Electronics designed the project that entailed installing TVs in huddle rooms, setting up projectors in conference rooms for board presentations, and installing digital signage to enhance visitor experience.

California Pizza Kitchen Restaurants:
SAVE Electronics has designed a comprehensive, automated Audio-Video (AV) and digital signage system for new California Pizza Kitchen restaurants. The system aims to streamline the customer experience at the bar, dining areas, and patio while also providing dynamic advertising capabilities. It operates autonomously based on the schedule set by the restaurant managers. Enhance the customer experience through seamlessly integrated AV systems. Automate AV functions to free up managerial time and resources. Enable easy, remote updates to digital signage content for real-time promotions and advertisements.. Entryway signage for displaying promotions, advertising, and announcements. Seamless audio and video transitions between different areas of the restaurant. By automating the AV systems and enabling remote control for digital signage, California Pizza Kitchen can now focus more on customer service and less on manual operations, thus enhancing the overall dining experience.

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